Rolling Meadows-based Tech Team Deploys Field-Programmable Gate Array Parts

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Security System

Miniaturized peripheral component interconnect express slots have become extremely common in the last few years, especially among users of commercial and industrial technology. Until recently, however, most parts had to be purchased off the shelf unless someone wanted to redesign the bus itself. Few small businesses wanted to do this kind of work, which meant that most were unable to invest in sophisticated solutions that used commodity PC technology.

A group of engineers in the greater Rolling Meadows area have developed

mini PCIe FPGA cards that can each be programmed to match the needs of a particular use case. This provides the functionality of a custom-made part without driving up manufacturing costs. Each card can more or less be made to the same exact specifications, which are then altered using only software. Computer programming code is far more flexible than hardware is, because you can change it on the fly. An alteration to a particular line of code doesn’t normally require any hardware modifications to get going.

That means that a laboratory can order a mini PCIe FPGA that matches their exact requirements without having to deal with the long lead times that are usually associated with custom manufacturing workflows. Any sort of shipment is going to take time to get to its final destination, but these parts should arrive far more quickly than those that have to go through some sort of complicated testing process.

Check out a specs sheet for a mini PCIe FPGA card by visiting

Epiq Solutions at on the web.

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