by | Oct 9, 2018 | Science & Technology, Technology, Technology Management

IDEX is a leading global manufacturer of prime engineered industrial products & technology that provides solutions to mission-critical problems for our customers.

Quadro® has been widely recognized for its high-caliber engineering and automated manufacturing solutions. The products are endorsed with the highest level of application and technical support.

Quadro’s New Generation of, L4 Series, Conical Mills portfolio is custom-made to specifically address the milling challenges. Lower amplitude, increased fines formations, and absence of hygiene are the main deterrents in general milling applications. The L4 Series, Quadro offers a cost-effective and consistent response, idyllic for general purpose milling applications.

Key Benefits of The New Generation L4 Series Conical Mill:

  • Increased Volume – Enhanced Productivity

  • Consistent, Precise & Scalable Solutions (consistent PSDs from lab to production)

  • Improved Safety Features

The Quadro® cone mill, or cone sieve technology has been re-establishing its leadership with every generation through incessant innovation and refinement in technology. From pharmaceutical production to food & beverage applications and the chemical industry, the Quadro L4 Mill delivers a quick, dependable method for guaranteeing that the particles are of an even size. The Quadro Comil is created to meet industry needs with respect to flexibility, speed, reliability and performance.

Consistency, scalability, reproducibility and a simple to use machine has always been the hallmark of the Quadro brand.